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What is the specialization of therapists?

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The field of psychology and human behavior is ubiquitous, and these are very broad and quite wide study fields. This could be hinged upon the fact that man is very prone to change and is very capable of deceit. Little wonder, there has been an endless point of discourse and debate about psychology being of the natural science field or rather of social sciences.

It gets interesting, considering that we have counselors and/or therapists who double as doctors, while there are also therapists who majored in social science. This goes to show that for you to study humankind, you need to be a bit of this and that.

It is against this backdrop that it could be understood that different humans have different emotions, attitudes, and perspectives about happenstances around them. Hence, it will make little or no sense to have just a similar type of therapy catering to the mental needs of a wide array of individuals.

This is why the field of psychology is broken down into subfields. These subfields are studied in a bid to understand human behavior in different capacities. The next section will hint about a few specializations of therapists that you might find near you

Specialization of therapists

Whilesome therapists focus on the patient’s mental health, some others focus on the prognosis of the said mental health issues, and others act as the link between the community and mental welfarism.

A noteworthy feat that is common amongst a good majority of these therapists is the fact that they have all aced  npte pta examinations.

Clinicalpsychologists; are the kinds of therapists that could also pass as medical doctors because they bagged a doctoral degree, but chose to venture into psychotherapy using a mix of human behavior with pure sciences.

These therapists are quite similar to psychiatrists but are not the same, given that the clinical psychologist does not do prescriptions as would a psychiatrist.

Clinicalsocial workers; are the nexus existing between the mental health of the community and a mental/emotional balance. Theyseek out and try to counsel individuals or families that have such problems as struggling with addictions, debts, drugs, etc.

They are mostly concerned with both the well-being of individuals they are assigned; they also work closely with these individuals; they give proper counsel and in some cases referrals.

These types of counselors must have bagged a master’s degree before they are assigned these kinds of weighty societal functions.

Psychiatrists; are also therapists whohave degrees in the medical field. They also could pass as medical doctors, but rather they are focused on this psychiatric arm of medicine. These therapists do not just counsel, but they can also prescribe medications during treatment of their patients.

More often than not, other therapists refer their patients with mental health issues or disorders to psychiatrists if the need for further prognosis and medications arises.

These are some of the most common specs of therapists, who see to the psychological needs of people.

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