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Using IPL to Get Rid of Excess Hair

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Any excess hair on the body is usually not flattering. That is why it is important to find out how to remove the offending hair once and for all. You can use one of various methods for the task, including depilatory creams, waxes, or electrolysis. However, because it is relatively painless, most people opt for laser treatments or intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy.

Some Hair Removal Methods

While depilatory creams will indeed remove excess hair temporarily, their use can also darken the skin over time. You can also wax your legs, which can be a rather painful activity. If you want to remove the hair on the legs, you need to wax monthly. All that waxing, however, can lead to sagging skin. After all, you are not just pulling the hair but you are also pulling the skin. Whilst electrolysis will definitely remove hair, the hair can still grow back and has been known to do so, as reported by some users.

The best option, when you review your choices, is to select IPL hair removal in Perth. Not only is the form of hair removal effective but it does not come attached to negative side effects or notable discomfort. You can make time for the process by scheduling the hair removal on a lunch hour or for about an hour during the day.

With that being said, though, IPL or intense pulsed light therapy, is not technically a hair removal technique but rather a hair reduction method. The light that is used is a broad spectrum light and kills the roots of the hair so the hair does not come back. While IPL emits its light in multiple wavelengths, laser light transmits one single wave of light at a follicle.

Do You Want to Feel More Beautiful?

Most women seek hair removal products and services because having hairless, smooth skin makes them feel more beautiful. If you want to wear short-sleeved blouses or shorts, you need to get rid of any excess hair. Whilst you can try to hide unsightly hair with pants or a long-sleeved blouse, you can only take this type of measure for so long. The best way to take care of the issue is to find a facility that provides the latest in hair removal services.

What is great about IPL therapy is the fact that you can cover a large surface area. Therefore, you can use this type of treatment to target areas on the legs. Technicians who provide IPL treatments state that this type of light therapy works better for clients with darker or thicker hair. It is less concentrated than laser therapy, and may in turn require more treatments than laser light services.

You will find that IPL treatments feature a number of benefits, primarily the following:

  • This form of hair reduction or removal is not nearly as painful as other hair removal methods.
  • The strong, intense light effectively destroys the roots.
  • The therapy is precise and only pinpoints the hair, not the surrounding skin.
  • The treatments are fast and more affordable than choosing laser removal treatments.

One Final Note

If you have grey, light, or white hairs, you need to find another way to get rid of excess hair.

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