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Low Estrogen issues and their solutions

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Diseases get recovered only when someone taps on the real point. This is why it is must to know the causes of low estrogen first, before moving forward to the procedure.

What is estrogen?

This is a hormone in the body of the person particularly responsible for reproductive abilities and sex characteristics in the body of women. It is responsible for developing their body at the time of puberty. It also controls and helps in growing the uterine lining in women at the time of their menstrual cycles during the starting stages of their pregnancy. It also involves cholesterol and bone metabolism. It even regulates insulin sensitivity, body weight, food intake, and glucose metabolism. It is why they are so much important for the body. In case of any change or problems, one must look for causes of low estrogen along with the common symptoms related to it. Some of the common symptoms which must consider for this disease beforehand are listed down below.

  • absent or irregular periods
  • increase in UTIs because of urethra linings
  • mood swings
  • headaches
  • concentration issues
  • depression
  • fatigues etc.

 And if someone experiences these, then they must go for the therapies and consultations with the doctors.

Along with there are various causes of low estrogen and some of them are listed down below:

  • Turner syndrome
  • excessive exercises
  • Diseases related to chronic kidney
  • low-functionary pituitary gland
  • eating disorders like anorexia

And to get to know whether one is affected with low estrogen issues or not there are further diagnosis methods, done by the doctors to get the exact result. At first, the doctor will as for family history, just to know if someone else was affected before in the line or not. Then the level of the estrogen will be tested if someone is facing any issues related to insomnia, night sweats or missing period, etc.

What does the therapy of estrogen consist of?

Below is the list of therapies involved in the treatment of low estrogen:

  • The women of an age gap between 25-50, get infected with this disease a lot and that’s why they are given a high dose of estrogen as the prescription/
  • Then it depends on the seriousness of the condition and according to that, the estrogen can be given topically, orally, or via injection.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapies are also considered in this disease when the body approaching menopause levels. In this method also, the therapy is done orally, topically, or via injection.

One must consult with specialized doctors to get treated for the disease.

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