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Cure Facial Discoloration By Melasma Treatment Singapore

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Melasma is a patchy brown, blur-grey, or tan skin discoloration. This discoloration is visible in the reproductive years of women. These patches appear on the upper lip, upper cheeks, or women’s chin who are 20-50 years old. The sun exposure, internal hormonal change during pregnancy, or external change due to birth control pills causes melasma. It is common in pregnant women.

Treatment for melasma

The melasma treatment singapore is for two types of patients:

  • Women develop melasma during pregnancy due to hormonal change or while consuming the pills for birth control. For such individuals, melasma fades after the delivery or once women stop having tablets for birth control.
  • People develop melasma because of the UV rays and various factors that can last for longer years or the rest of their life.

Various treatment options help to remove or reduce the patches. Not all the treatments work the same for everyone, and melasma can even come back after successful treatment. The product that irritates the skin can increase the production of melanin. This production can accelerate the symptoms of melasma.


People with a known family history or a genetic predisposition have more risk of developing melasma. So, use the necessary preventive methods for reducing the risk, such as avoid the sun and take the extra application of sunblock.

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