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Dental Implant Technologies and Advancements

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Dental implants are increasing in popularity and still the best option for tooth replacement. Because of this, the dental industry is continuously introducing design innovations and techniques for implantation. The goal is to advance dental implants as the most realistic option to replace missing or damaged teeth. Read on to understand how dental implantation and technology has advanced:

Introduction of Superior Quality Materials

Today, there are new implant materials being introduced. Modern titanium components offer implant strength. Also, quality materials help in promoting osseointegration which refers to the natural fusing of the jawbone with the implant. Below are some of the advancements made in the realm of implant construction and materials.

Furthermore, zirconium dioxide abutments provide another enhancement by removing the implant’s metal show in the gums. This technology and implant connections offer a perfectly matched appearance to the natural color of the teeth.

Advancements in Bone Grafting

Dental implant patients usually deal with the possibility of bone loss during the healing process. Other patients do not have enough jaw bone to make the surgery possible. Bone grafting technology today creates a more solid base for the implant dentaire to stabilize within the jaw. To accomplish this, the surgeon takes a developed bone from another part of the patient’s body and transfers it to the insufficient area.

Computer Technology

Computer-assisted manufacturing has significantly enhanced the quality of replacement teeth. But, the application of 3D printing is geared towards replacing bone loss for patients who need grafting. Treatment developments today include a mix of polymers and bioactive materials used for creating grafts.

Moreover, the introduction of computer-aided design and manufacturing has greatly influenced the enhancements in implant designs. Before, patients need to wait a long time from extraction to implant installation. But, computer-designed teeth can be implanted readily upon extraction and offer almost perfect replicas of natural teeth.

With the continuous improvement in dental surgery techniques and implant technology, advancements have caused patients to adapt to the procedure easier and faster. Indeed, a lot of patients who have had implants say that the healing process is free of undesirable symptoms.

Undoubtedly, dental implants and technology for implantation will continuously advance. Plus, dental implants will still be the best option for people who have missing or damaged teeth. But, it is important to work with a qualified dentist. Only an experienced dentist can perform a dental implant surgery successfully and with minimal complications.

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