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Pico Laser is Good for Pigmentation and Its Aftercare Tips

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The medically advanced technology has given loads of benefits in every stream of health and wellness. Pico laser is one such successful treatment that eradicates many problems related to skin health. This revolutionary technical-based treatment supports the removal of hypo or hyperpigmentation that affects the appearance of the skin. The laser treatment targets melanin, which is the brown pigment in the cells and supports the body to create new cells. In short, Pico laser treatment is a God-send solution for many people today.

Now, 皮秒 in Hong Kong is a highly successful way of medical cosmetology treatment because of the major contribution of aesthetic centres like the Retens. They have well-established medical aesthetic centres based in Tsim Sha Tsui. They provide all kinds of skin treatments and have won the prestigious award in the area of beauty treatments like ‘Favourite Frozen Age Medical Beauty Centre’.

Similar to other medical treatments people opting for Pico laser treatment needs to take utmost care to be safe from the side effects and to avoid repeating the skin issues. There are minimum chances of getting affected by side effects however aftercare is quite essential to totally avoid the repeated occurrence of pigments. This is part of the healing process that initiates the success of the treatment.

The side effects of Pico laser treatment:

  • Erythema or skin redness – It can be an allergic reaction that appears like red patches and blisters mainly on the palm of hands and feet.
  • Petechiae or inpoint bleeding – You can see round spots on the skin because of bleeding. The Petechiae occur in clusters and appear like a rash.
  • Inflammatory issues that result in itching, rashes and hyper-pigmentation.

Tips for aftercare of Pico laser treatment:

  • It is best to apply soothing cream that has been prescribed by your dermatologist. It is the most suitable aid to reduce the discomfort of inflammation and improves hydration of the skin. The cream act as a shield to protect from germs and dirt.
  • Your skin needs protection from the UV rays of the sun. This is because your skin is quite sensitive after the treatment till it heals fully. The best aid is chemical free sunscreen lotion application.
  • It is always beneficial to apply minimal makeup. The cosmetics should be chemical-free and avoid any products that have oil. This is because oil blocks the pores and this slows healing. Organic moisturizers are quite helpful to avoid irritation and itching.
  • Many people use a cleanser or scrubs immediately after the treatment is over. According to expert dermatologists, it is quite helpful not to use any such skincare products for a week during Pico laser aftercare times.
  • You can cleanse the skin by washing it with mild body wash. The product should be chemical and oil-free.
  • Keep your body highly hydrated as it helps heal the skin fast and maintains its moisture level.
  • If unfortunately, you are troubled with itching, blistering or any other post-treatment complications then consult your dermatologist as early as possible.

Pico laser is the best treatment to get relief from skin pigmentation. Thus, choose the best medical aesthetic care centre by searching for Discovery Pico on the internet. You are sure to enjoy the best treatment results with Pico Laser procedure.

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